Jarvis Walker – GENERATION SERIES – 8000 – Changeable



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Jarvis Walker Generation Reels continue to be a frontrunner and popular fishing reel among angers. 2016/17 Jarvis Walker Generation Reels are no different.

The core features of Jarvis Walker Generation Reels are specially crafted to match power with durability. The graphite body is lightweight yet tough and is matched with a graphite rotor. The main shaft is stainless steel and the brass pinion gear is tough and ready for hard work. The click drag knob makes easy work of keeping track of drag adjustments and the soft-touch torpedo handle knob gives great grip when hauling in tough fish.

With a main shaft that is made of stainless steel and a graphite rotor, Jarvis Walker Generation Reels deliver a balance of comfort and power. This means anglers get a highly responsive reel they can battle with on those long afternoons and right through the longest of hectic fishing trips.

Jarvis Walker Generation Reels are extremely affordable and designed to suit any angler?s budget. Jarvis Walker Generation reels offer the exceptional value for money and performance that the Jarvis Walker brand is known for.

Jarvis Walker Generation Reels start at a smaller sizes for freshwater and light saltwater fishing and range up to the big 800, for beach and boat fishing. The 400 and 600 cover anglers for all styles of fishing.