Jarvis Walker – MIRAGE




Jarvis Walker Mirage Reels
Anglers looking for great value for money and performance should look to Jarvis Walker Mirage Reels. Jarvis Walker Mirage Reels continue on the popularity of the Mirage for 2016/17.

Jarvis Walker Mirage Fishing Reels are built strong while retaining a very light weight. The build includes strong and lightweight graphite materials and saltwater-proof components. This means anglers get a highly responsive reel they can battle with on those long afternoons and right through the longest of hectic fishing trips.

Features include a die cast folding handle, graphite spool, a stainless steel main shaft and a pre-loaded spool.

Jarvis Walker Mirage Fishing Reels come pre-loaded with the correct capacity line for use in both saltwater and freshwater situations. The durable materials and saltwater-proof components make Jarvis Walker Mirage Reels perfect for light float fishing for coarse species to casting larger and heavier baits for tougher of saltwater target species.

Jarvis Walker Mirage Fishing Reels are designed for use in all fishing situations and make an excellent all-round fishing reel.

Mirage Fishing Reels start at the Mirage 4000 through to the Mirage 8000 and the Mirage RD 2000 through to the Mirage RD 5000.



4000, 5000, 6000, 7000, 8000